Our Campaigns

On this page you’ll find all the ongoing campaigns that the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) run throughout the year. At the BAD we are committed to campaigning for skin health in all forms, there are a range of ways you can be involved, from filling out surveys to becoming a case study, so check back here regularly to see how you can help.


We occasionally run surveys on important aspects of skin health or dermatology service provision. We use the information gained to help us with our media work, campaigns, and lobbying of the government and the NHS – with the aim of raising awareness and/or improving services. Your information will always be kept anonymous.

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Sun Awareness Week

Sun Awareness Week is the kick-off to our summer-long Sun Awareness initiative. We use this week to re-enforce the need for sun protection across the UK and inspire people to go out and raise awareness themselves. We want to teach the public how to be able to check for skin cancer and educate them of the need to check this regularly.

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Euromelanoma is an international campaign, focused on raising awareness of skin cancer and promoting early detection. A new campaign is launched each year, with the overall aim of raising sun awareness across Europe.

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