Euromelanoma is an international campaign aimed at raising awareness of skin cancer and promoting early detection practice. Run by dermatologists, Euromelanoma focuses its activities on the public, the scientific community as well as European and national policy makers. Each year, we work closely with Euromelanoma, supporting their annual promotional campaign. Each campaign is slightly different however the central message remains the same: that skin cancer is largely preventable and can usually be successfully treated if detected early. Check back here for details of future campaigns.

Previous Campaigns

Euromelanoma uses bold imagery and slogans to capture the public’s attention. Displayed here are some examples from previous years’ campaigns. These can then be displayed in many forms, such as posters, leaflets, social media, bus advertising and outdoor displays to raise awareness of the key Euromelanoma messages.

2020 Campaign

This year’s campaign is focused on encouraging people to carry out monthly skin checks for signs of skin cancer, find out more on the Euromelanoma website here