Sun Awareness Week

Sun Awareness Week, held in May, is the start to our summer of sun awareness campaign. Although a BAD awareness week, we encourage members of the public to get involved in any way that they can – the key is raising awareness around sun protection and skin cancer.

This is also our opportunity to create a platform for our other campaigns for the summer, with 2018 being the start of our wonderful Don’t Bake Bake. Sun Awareness week is a vital campaign, as skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, and rates continue to rise.

What We Teach

Our Sun Awareness Week campaign goes out to teach the public using a two-pronged approach, providing advice on prevention as well as early detection. By teaching prevention, we aim to raise awareness of the dangers of burning and excessive tanning, and to discourage people from using sunbeds. We also teach people how to spot the signs of skin cancer to increase the number of people who get diagnosed early. We have also successfully campaigned for legislative action to improve the regulation of sunbeds, and this is something we will continue to do.

Previous Years

In previous years we have had plenty of interesting surveys and events come out during Sun Awareness Week showing just how important this week is for skin protection in the UK.

In 2017 we published a study that showed that more than one in three (35%) of people were burning every year in the UK, with a further 46% burning while abroad.

In 2016 we produced a survey showing that 80% of people in the UK didn’t wear sunscreen while out in the sun and 70% who don’t reapply every two hours as per or recommendations.

In previous years we’ve hosted events such as 2015’s educational mole check at Shepherds Bush Westfield Shopping centre or 2014’s event where Team GB’s Louis Smith and Greg Rutherford became Sun Awareness Week lifeguards for photo opportunity sun protection postcards.