Sun Awareness Leaflets & Posters

Sun Awareness packs are available to order from our website featuring our leaflet and poster designs. Each pack contains 75 of these leaflets and seven posters, all relating to sun awareness. We offer these packs to order at £6.55 + VAT to most UK addresses. You can order the packs here. Alternatively, all the designs are available to download for free, which can be done here. Although we don’t offer leaflets aimed at children, the charity Skcin does offer support for schools (here) and nurseries (here), as well as workplaces.

Our leaflets

UV Forecast/Skin Types: This leaflet provides detailed information on our UV forecasting app ‘World UV’, including in-app features and UV forecast capabilities. The reverse of this leaflet offers a visual breakdown of various skin types, detailing how each skin type is identified and typically reacts to the sun. Save our Skin/At Risk?: This leaflet offers essential sun safety techniques to be put into practice during periods of exposure. The reverse provides explanations of the various contributing factors which may place individuals and groups at higher risk of developing skin cancer. How to Check Your Skin/ABCDEasy Mole Checking Method: This leaflet provides guidance on how to conduct a full body check of your skin for any irregularities. The reverse provides an easy step-by-step method to check moles. Common Skin Cancers: This leaflet offers an introduction into the most common skin cancers in the UK, Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma. The reverse provides guidance of where to look, what to look for and what to do should you spot something suspicious.