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Mar 23, 2020

BAD statement on shielding of higher risk dermatology patients

Last updated: 3rd April 2020

The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) has been working with other health agencies to identify those patients for whom, due to their disease and treatment, Covid-19 poses a higher risk. This takes into account factors like the patient’s age, their co-morbidities (meaning other diseases they may have), and the medicines they are taking that might affect their immune system. We have been working closely with other medical specialties to avoid confusion where patients are being treated with the same drug for a number of different conditions. Doctors will use this risk stratification guidance to help inform their decision-making, but each doctor will need to make recommendations and decisions based on individual patients and their specific needs.

NHS England FAQ (frequently asked questions) on shielding for patients

The NHSE FAQ on shielding for patients is available here: